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Memory Using Schemas

Abstract In this experiment, we reproduced the work by Bransford and Johnson (1972). They used memory to study memory. Everyone has classification rules and scripts to explain the world. The new information is processed according to how it fits these rules called patterns. Bransford and Johnson studied the memory of sentences which were well understood or difficult to understand. Their main finding is that they are better than memorable paragraphs.

The concept of rebuilding memory is related to schema theory. In the late 1930's, people thought that memory is accompanied by memorizing information provided to us, but Bartlett says that memory is more complicated than this because schema-like knowledge influences our memory. I think that there are many. According to Bartlett, we will organize our memories in a way that is consistent with previous experiences and schemas. When we remember the events, our memory gap will be rebuilt according to our model. Bartlett aims to investigate the influence of patterns on participants' recall. The model includes previous expectations, attitudes, bias, stereotypes. This research is based on Bartlett's schema theory and states that memory includes active reconstruction. According to this theory what people remember depends on two information factors presented to us and erroneous information we have about schema beliefs.

A pattern is a psychological expression of knowledge established through the experience of people, circumstances, or things. Convert encoding - perceptual information to meaningful storage - create bio - tracking of storage - can merge or disappear for search - remember using stored information per hour To better understand, divide the pattern theory into three stages. Every hour "" Architecture is regarded as a framework in which certain information is filled and other information is left blank. "Schema theory attempts to see world analysis from the point of view of psychologists, It is a derived view. The pattern is very convenient in various ways. They are used to organize our knowledge and make it easier for us to remember.

The GraphQL architecture is a strongly typed architecture. To create a GraphQL schema, define the field with a type. These types can be primitives or custom, and all other types in the schema need type. This rich type of system enables rich features such as introspective API and the ability to build powerful tools for clients and servers. GraphQL has the declarative nature of representing data requirements. GraphQL provides customers with a declarative language for expressing data needs. This declarative nature creates a mental model on the use of the GraphQL language. This is very similar to how you think about English data needs, so it makes using GraphQL API easier than alternative methods.