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Gaining Knowledge and Perspective

The freshman college is finally here, and I am ready to experience life through adult lenses. Just 18 years old, I figured it out, I chose school, my major and my career. My plan is to graduate from business administration majoring in psychology and political science and hope to become a lawyer. I was surprised that I expanded my knowledge area at any academic term and taught me to open up a new experience.

But for many years, when I attended college and law school and then started my career, I gained knowledge and opinions (the hypothesis implied by Churchill et al.), And my absolute position Some of them began to relax. I also learned that the Democratic Party turned left, especially with regard to fiscal problems. As a social liberal (or more liberal, as a liberalist) I am more consistent with Ds on these issues, but some more "eccentric" about financial problems and foreign policy issues The view is increasingly unpleasant. Over time, I noticed that I voted more frequently for R, but it reached a critical point and my voter registration has changed. I said a lot of silence apologies to my mother who may think that my apostasy is beyond forgiveness.

Trinity 's international research spreads their knowledge to students and gives them opportunities to get new prospects about the problems the world faces today. Many professional students are very focused on acquiring international perspectives and experiences and spend most of their educational backgrounds in other languages ​​and cultures in other countries. Under the International Study Program, under the guidance of the instructor who is involved in the department, it is possible to summarize courses of different departments without interdisciplinary majors or major. Students choose from seven points including Africa Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies and Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, International Issues and International Environmental Research.