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Prufrock Drowns in a Sea of Insecurity

In "Alfred Proffrok Love Song", T. S. Elliott makes me feel silent and uneasy but the passage of time shows masculinity and loss of self-confidence. In the whole poem, Prufrock suffered from his fear of social, physical, and romantic symptoms. The desire for the "overwhelming problem" he wanted was offset by his embarrassment and strengthened his beliefs about his own faults. After all, this poem is an internal monologue of those trying to understand what he wants and how to get it, but his social bondage and lack of confidence is one of these possibilities Too.

At the end of the poem, Prufrock thanked the fantasy of the cute "sea girl" who sang a deeply mermaid song: Prufrock temporarily relaxed, it seems that his wish is now being satisfied It is. That is totally impossible. But the last sentence tells a boring story about the teacup: "We drown until our human voice wakes us up." This poem does not imitate Pfeverlock's dreamlike romanticism, The voice is very beautiful. It is difficult to call a robust ending, but that is a correct conclusion. In protest against Elliott's friend and the early champion's Ezra Pound editor who wants more, this poem "will not" eventually. The failing character that is the end of the record of victory will be wrong art.

Aging with danger, J. Alfred Prufrock regrets the life he arranged for himself. To T. S. Elliot, There is a love song by Alfred Prufrock, this is a funny and frustrating poem saying that this is the same life as the former man. The crucial journey of Prufrock was to accomplish the struggle of his life, and his thinking of getting older and having time will not delay him. - Frey's hit song "How to Save Lives" is the story of a mentor and a friend who is saying, "Save the life of a problematic young man." The story begins with a friend sitting to talk about a mistake in the lives of teenagers and teenagers in their lives. On the second line he says "He walks, sitting is just a conversation" and shows the anger and fear of the conversation, so he is trying to get rid of the problem.