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Daniel 9: 24-27 - The Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks

In addition, Daniel wrote in chapter 12 that it is forecasting that the full meaning of the details will eventually appear only when the end time actually begins. The starting and ending points of the 70-week prophecies can be found in Daniel 9:25 which is the key to understanding the dates of seventy-seventy-seven years, and are focused on the prediction of restoration and reconstruction of Jerusalem. Most scholars have reached an agreement on the importance of the start date, but not everyone agrees with the actual date. Some of the most common dates for scholars are 605 BC.

70 weeks of prophecy. In Daniel 9: 24-27 I found the prophecy of the prophecy year. 27 - Jesus starts the ministry. Prophecy also predicts that the ministry of Jesus 'confirmation of contract' will be discontinued at the "middle" of the 70-week prediction week. As Daniel predicted, the biblical records show that this took place three and a half years later. I am sadly sad. Chapter 11 covers the prophecies that will be realized from the Medeparca era to the end. After providing concrete details about the neighboring kingdom we will come to verse 31 and read the daily fate taken away there and the "desolation and devastation" that will be placed in the temple. These events include suppressing the truth that occurred during the McCabee era and hurting the temple. And that is the future perception that occurs before the coming of Christ (Matthew 24: 14-15).

In this view, these seven years are considered to be the last week of Daniel's 70-week prophecy in Daniel's chapter. Theoretically, representing a seven-year week, the timetable begins with the reconstruction of the second temple of Artaxerxes in Jerusalem. After seven weeks and 62 weeks, prophecy says the Messiah is "cut off." It is equivalent to the death of Christ. This is considered an indefinite disruption in the timeline and it will take a week to complete.

When we study the prophecies of Daniel 8 and Daniel 9, we see two major time prophecies. The first prophecy was a prophecy of 70 weeks prophecy. This prophecy is a time prophecy designed to inform Israel when the promised Messiah will come. But when time was ripe, Israel was found not only sleeping in the spirit but also Jesus as Messiah after all. The prophecy of 2, 300 days points to the work that Jesus will enter after October 22, 1844. Sadly, during that time many people fell asleep mentally. In the meantime, William Miller was chosen by God to awaken God's people.