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The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

His social position occasionally brought him a pain, but he decided to increase his knowledge and fight for freedom. Similarly, Earl of Monte Cristo had a low social class and was imprisoned imprisoned. But in prison, he can increase his knowledge. He thinks that the knowledge he got is more valuable than the monetary nature. He said, "My true treasure is ... the wisdom of light that you (Abe) draws from my heart" (Dumas 221). In both cases, Douglas and the Count of Monte Cristo compare knowledge to those needed for bread or use it as treasure.

Knowledge can be obtained in various ways, the most important thing is to read books. Scrutiny is also an important element to gain insight. There is a controversy between the two, both parties can provide a richer and broader view. Personally, I think these two are interrelated. The knowledge gained by reading a book is useless unless it is actually practiced. Running knowledge is no less than experience gained through it.

No, knowledge is knowledge. However, knowledge gained from experience is the most vivid, so people tend to pay more attention to it. Experience is clearly important - learning through experience is the worst form of learning. We are all allowed to have limited experience in our lives, so if we rely on experience to learn, we will hardly learn. The knowledge gained through reason and contemplation is so great that it allows us to understand our experience and learn better and faster. Books should be used to stimulate their own ideas. They are not purpose, but a means to achieve the purpose. They allow you to extend your knowledge base by introducing others' experiences. By comparing them to your experience, you can better understand your experience. If you think about the experience and prospects of others, it helps to prevent your own view from being too rigid.

Therefore, experience itself does not help to master knowledge; reflection and understanding of experience is important to knowledge. The boundaries of experience are now, but knowledge includes the future - what has not yet happened; what is hidden. You only have real knowledge when you have the ability to master something before it is formed. The main use of experience is to acquire skills, create memories of muscles through experience, familiarize you and have confidence in your field. When you have the ability to correctly evaluate feedback by grasping its meaning. But here too, its limit is limited by skills and you are not allowed to deal with circumstances you are not used to.