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Prophecy in the Bible: Daniel 9:24-27

One of the most outstanding features of the Bible is that it is full of prophecy. Christ himself has accomplished 305 out of the Old Testament prophecies on Messiah. Especially for 70 years of prophecy of Daniel 9th ​​chapter 24-27. Here, we should see not only the crucifixion of Christ and the prophecies that brought about today's events, but also the authority of the author of God's sovereignty. When we study Daniel's prophecies of the angel Gabriel, we begin to see the time frame God has been given to mankind.

70 weeks of prophecy. In Daniel 9: 24-27 I found the prophecy of the prophecy year. 27 - Jesus starts the ministry. Prophecy also predicts that the ministry of Jesus 'confirmation of contract' will be discontinued at the "middle" of the 70-week prediction week. As Daniel predicted, the biblical records show that this took place three and a half years later. I am sadly sad. Chapter 11 covers the prophecies that will be realized from the Medeparca era to the end. After providing concrete details about the neighboring kingdom we will come to verse 31 and read the daily fate taken away there and the "desolation and devastation" that will be placed in the temple. These events include suppressing the truth that occurred during the McCabee era and hurting the temple. And that is the future perception that occurs before the coming of Christ (Matthew 24: 14-15).

Introduction Daniel is one of the greatest books in the Bible, one of the most controversial books in the Bible. It contains some of the most confusing and satisfying predictions with the details of Daniel 's ministry. Christians think that prophecies are not so difficult and do not directly direct the prediction and execution of propositions, but they are more complicated than this. Interpretation of the kind of final judgment is one of the main reasons for the difficulty. One of Daniel's confusing paragraphs will be reviewed today.