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Gaining Knowledge from Experience

Therefore, he has never been completely satisfied. This shows the importance of finding a balance between book learning and learning from experience. Lessons and information gained through experience is the most effective and powerful. Education through experience can not be replaced or imitated. Therefore it plays an important role in human development and overall happiness. Experience also helps people understand themselves more. There are cases where you can not fix or prepare depending on the situation. Thus, through self-intervention, they understand all the qualities such as their own specific features, advantages, disadvantages, trends, fears and all that can not be obtained from books.

Research In my research, I studied the subject of literary maturity. Mature can be defined as "you gain knowledge from experience, allowing you to review life and new life skills". I chose this theme. Through these stories, the hero experiences a negative experience, and at the end of the experience they get knowledge. And that gives them a different perspective on life. It can be defined as maturity.

No, knowledge is knowledge. However, knowledge gained from experience is the most vivid, so people tend to pay more attention to it. Experience is clearly important - learning through experience is the worst form of learning. We are all allowed to have limited experience in our lives, so if we rely on experience to learn, we will hardly learn. The knowledge gained through reason and contemplation is so great that it allows us to understand our experience and learn better and faster. Books should be used to stimulate their own ideas. They are not purpose, but a means to achieve the purpose. They allow you to extend your knowledge base by introducing others' experiences. By comparing them to your experience, you can better understand your experience. If you think about the experience and prospects of others, it helps to prevent your own view from being too rigid.