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How does social media effect youth?

In 2015, access to the Internet has never been easier. This could lead to the abuse of the technology we provide, but not everyone exploits it. According to the survey, the group aged 12 to 21 years knows that there are more social media than anyone else. As I belong to this era, social media like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc are used to keep up with the latest trends, our favorite artists, and easy ways to keep in sync with your peers We are.

But what happened to this? You can now contact someone just by clicking on the screen. You can have a perfect conversation with someone in the same room. I would like to send a picture to my friends rather than actually meeting a friend. We are using a lot of technology, so it has been officially called "the worst generation" by the author Mark Ba ​​uerlein. I quite know that my generation does not use technology over social media, and social media is like misuse in many ways. Social life is a very strong temptation, but the only way it affects us is to socialize unless you allow other things. Teenagers are only affected by the impact of their lives

Social networking sites are a top priority and should not be considered first, such as school, family, sports.

Young people can start bullying another colleague; this can lead to many things like depression and suicidal thoughts

Since some young people are easily affected, they may feel the need to change their appearance by comparing themselves with the next person they see on the media.

Because social media is a very powerful temptation, it can become addictive and will focus on young people.

Social media and teenage internet have many advantages. For many of my age, social media is a way for the idea they can share with their colleagues. A website on which you can interact with other people, it is important for teenagers as it is in the form of self expression. As we get older it is important to know who you are and what you want to do in your life Finding answers through social media is easy. So, before we enter a serious era, we may want to practice how to express ourselves carefully. Social media is also an easy way to connect with people throughout the area you live in. In my age group, I build very close relationships through social media and help each other in various ways. The reason social media can make bonds very easily is that you can express your likes and dislikes and people can easily relate to it. People think that social media is worse, it can also provide many benefits, you just need to use it to do the right thing.

Social media keeps you in the world as well as in the world.

In other words, social media can have a profitable and bad influence on my younger generation. It can help young people prosper in so many different ways. And stop them in various ways. The impact of social media on us depends on our decision.

Using social media is an indispensable part of today's Indian youth. Excessive use of social media is taking the attention of young people. Young people rely on social media is that without social media, every young person can not think about where they are growing. Youth's dependence on social media is now leading to poisoning. Through several studies it is widely believed that overuse of social media has had a serious negative effect on young people in India. At the same time, social media has a positive impact on the lives of young people. In this research, I am trying to find out the main purpose of youth using social media and the time it takes for young people to browse social networking sites. This study focuses on occupation; positive and negative impacts of social media on adolescent living

What is the influence of social media on young people today? Social media is defined as a website and application that allows users to create and share content and participate in social networks. Interactions via social media are everyday things used today and have a great impact on everyone using it. The very influential course is young. Since they are general users of social media and growing in social world, this impression has both good and bad aspects.