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Personal Experience: Student Funds of Knowledge Reflection

The contextual curriculum I created for the mentee has proven that he succeeded because he liked the event very much. When introducing membership to the math worksheet in the first part of the event, he was a bit confused as to why he plans to work on worksheets instead of playing games. I explained the purpose of the worksheet and the activities of today, he was excited. You can complete the second part of the event because you can not wait to start the worksheet and complete the remaining tasks.

Reflection # 1: Get previous knowledge, experience, and motivation Thinking about your previous writing experience, what you know about writing a university, and what it means to be an essay class student Let's look. Think carefully about the following questions and write down what seems to be related. What do you mean for the success of the college writing courses? In other words, how do you achieve your goals, thinking that you are a successful student in this course? Do you think you can write well on other courses? How do you set course objectives in your own language after reviewing your learning goals? What is your problem for these learning goals?

Responsive · Classroom · Ecology: Supporting inquiries and rhetorical recognition of students at university writing curriculum Adrienne Jankens Wayne State University

Knowledge theory (TOK) is a course on critical thinking and knowledge searching process, not a course on learning a specific knowledge system. It provides the opportunity for students to contemplate the nature of knowledge, to connect between fields of knowledge, and to understand the views of the various groups sharing their own views and knowledge. Make sure to include counterclaims and objections on the paper. This shows that you mixed your subjectivity with some objective ideas. Please give examples of views of various countries. That way, I do not know if they match your paper. Then, by opposition, please support your thesis as a stronger reaction to you.

Constructivism is the theory of how people learn. The theory shows that people have developed their own experiences and understanding and understanding of their own world through reflections on these experiences. It continues to show that when students encounter new things, they must combine new knowledge with known things and combine them with previous ideas and experiences. This means that the student is learning something new or different. Sometimes it causes the students to completely reject these ideas. Most importantly, this theory assumes that we are active creators of our own knowledge. Therefore, students engaged in interdisciplinary research created their understanding and understanding of their world through their learning choices.