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Women´s Knowledge and Power: The Importance of Gaining Support

It is impossible to be completely self-sufficient. People need help to succeed in society; they need to learn from their mistakes and their successes made by their predecessors. Having support, having a mentor, not giving up through the interview process, and the importance of the level of women's knowledge and power became very clear. Without mentors, teachers and friends, the world will be filled with people who make the same mistakes and be surrounded by circles.

"In the history of women, besides contraception, there may be no problems other than literacy.The arrival of the industrial revolution requires knowledge of the world to acquire power.If you do not read and write it can not be used These skills have been given to women long before women are deprived.If they are with their animals or are lucky they are forced to stay with their servants. When thinking about wisdom to live an ordinary life it helps to read wisdom - again about gifts, happiness and love for Solomon or Socrates or someone Determine if you need the sacrifice you need for them Without such an introspection, women seem to be ridiculous, so they are considered inappropriate for education, hence they are educated In prayer, they will look foolish. "

In the modern world, as the power of technology increases, it becomes more important that heroes acquire self-awareness, taming themselves and killing the dragons than ever. If we use the tools of creation, we must acquire the self-discipline necessary to do good things with them. Like Girard, it is worth re-listening / re-reading all the books and interviews of Joseph Campbell. After contacting Ellen Petry Leanse, this book was introduced. Ellen is an early team member of Apple and Google, writing articles about many books Steve Jobs has read. Yogi's autobiography is a book Steve reads every year and has a copy of information for everyone who attended his funeral.

Through reading, we control knowledge through knowledge, and with the power of our thoughts, we recognize our value for the world. If you notice how we create value, so we have the ability to do whatever we want. Knowing your talents, skills, and ways to create value more than anything makes you different. The book is your road map. Focus. Yes, please concentrate on reading. You can read books that match your interests and create value in the world where you "think". This does not mean just sticking to type or type, but finding out why each type of book expands or challenges. If you want to work in real estate it does not mean that you only need to read books on real estate. You can read a biography of a widely successful person, or a book on emerging companies. Complementing your "skill" reading by finding a book at the end, but this still applies to your desires, talents and skills.