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Prufrock by Eliot

In his poetry by Eliot, Elliot is drawing a picture of a dangerous person looking for his own niche in society. Prufrock is progressing with the times and has great emphasis on social position and class to determine his identity. He is ashamed of his personal image and is looking forward to social progress to guarantee his value to him and his people and to decide who he is. In the whole poem, the reader gradually noticed that Prufrock actually gave up on himself, and now he saw his baldness and he wasted his life and fell unwillingly I learned that I tried to aim for possible goals.

The move from T. Elliott to England was the first sign of his identity crisis. Elliott is addicted to any British, and he also has internal religious conflicts. "J. Alfred Love Song of Prourokku" is Elliot's way of expressing yourself through various roles. Elliot uses a flow of consciousness to place the reader in the position of Pulffrock. The concept of fragmentation was able to feel them in his mind as Prufrock was used to follow in his own thought process. Prufrock fell in love with a woman, but unfortunately she is a different class. He used this poem to analyze his idea and to see how much he care about her. Finally, Prufrock did not tell her how he felt, but just decided to let her go. Elliott uses J. Alfred Prufrock to express his own isolation, loneliness, and sexual oppression

For example, in his poem "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", T.S. Elliot made a proposal to the interview for Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Elliott 's poetry narrator, Pulflok, details his own emotions, but in this part he decisively changed that he is different from Hamlet. Character Prufrock then compares himself with one of the "service lords" in the drama that seriously and purposefully presents himself to their personality.