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Helping my Students to Gain and Apply Knowledge

My main goal as a teacher is to teach the students to use the knowledge to learn and to enrich their lives using the learned knowledge while simultaneously providing the students with knowledge that needs to be superior in their daily lives. When students feel that topics are related to their own life, they will learn better and again. I think it is very important to develop courses based on students' interests, experiences and abilities. It is important to integrate textbooks into the curriculum, but when it comes to experience, students will have a better understanding of the subject area.

In addition, students will acquire more knowledge. This is because the exam is used to judge the student's ability to use various knowledge. This is to make it possible for students to use their own knowledge in everyday life rather than abusing their knowledge. Knowledge about science, geography, mathematics will make them more useful in every aspect of life. The first advantage all learners can get through the evaluation is that the evaluation provides a better explanation for the students. In this way, learners can clearly and quickly understand what they learned after completing all the evaluations. This will allow students to fully absorb the syllabus but will not partially absorb the syllabus and will not understand what you learn. Students who understand well, as we all know, will surely produce better results than students who do not understand everything.

Field tripping is an integral part of educational experience. During this time, students can apply their own knowledge and receive guidance in the process. This time it is also important that students demonstrate behavior and ethical decisions using evidence of people, the environment and professional factors that students can take on their responsibilities and help clients to achieve their goals it's the first time. Our goal is to demonstrate their ability to work with their students and to support their client's way to achieve quality of life through their careers.

How do students learn to use knowledge to achieve goals? Knowledge can be a source of frustration rather than execution, unless the information is processed, organized and applied. Children learn skills of planning, organization, decision making, problem solving, so we will learn the use and application of knowledge. In short, these skills are the cornerstone of a witty goal - the ability to find and use resources available to achieve a goal. When students imagine multiple results, set targets, try new approaches, and negotiate the challenge, they build an important relationship between knowledge and goal realization. They will be their future responsible creators