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Imagination: The Valuable Asset to Gain Knowledge

Imagination is a valuable asset than knowledge. Whenever you think about the chin while holding it in my hand, I do not mind anything. I become Hermione Granger, fighting Bordemort and protecting my friends from evil. I can do anything with a cane and fly to the sky. You can drink potions and do whatever you like. This is imagination, a thought process that gives us all the things we want. Therefore, imagination is certainly a valuable asset and is more precious than my knowledge.

The roots of knowledge management can be traced back to what Peter Drucker predicted in his book "The Landmark of Tomorrow" as "a transition to knowledge society" in 1959. He believes that the most valuable asset of the next century is knowledge and that it will open up an era when people use their own ideas rather than creating value with their own power. He said that the subject of our knowledge society is knowledge workers. In short, a knowledge worker is a worker whose main capital is knowledge. Do you analyze, plan, write, compile, calculate, interpret, diagnose, read, monitor, cooperate or evaluate? If so, you are probably a knowledge worker. In the employment market of knowledge workers, people use this money to promote new work. It is safe to say that Linkedin is a market for knowledge workers today.

Peter Drucker created the term "knowledge worker" in his book "The Symbol of Tomorrow" (1959), and whether the most valuable asset of the 21st century system is commercial or noncommercial, knowledge Workers and their productivity Drucker also predicted that when people create value in their own thoughts rather than their own muscles, they look to the knowledge society. The development of the creative science field corresponds to the rise of knowledge workers - the main capital of knowledge workers is knowledge and their work demands them to target their livelihood. Software engineers, doctors, architects, engineers, scientists, design thinkers, certified public accountants, lawyers, scholars, and other white-collar workers belong to a collection of knowledge workers who need creativity as the frontiers of careers .

Asset management is art and science. It usually requires specific knowledge gained through formal education, licenses required for practice and special software tools. With these tools, investment advisors can conduct transactions, compliance management, modeling, scenario simulation, portfolio rebalancing, benchmarking and more. If all of this sounds like rocket science, our job is to take care of all of these for you.

We will identify valuable knowledge at the right time. The value of knowledge is not static. It depends on the value of others and its scarcity. As new technologies mature and the industry is rebuilt, people are often lacking the necessary skills to earn high rewards. Due to the high salary, many people are trained quickly and the average salary decreases. Please learn and master this knowledge soon. The negotiation window is basically temporary. Individuals need to use them when they see them. This means that you can learn new skills quickly. After reading thousands of books, I understood that understanding and using mental models is one of the most common skills that everyone should learn. It provides a powerful knowledge base for all disciplines. So, when you enter a new field you have existing knowledge you can use to learn faster.