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J. Alfred Prufrock

J. Alfred Prufrock is his gay. When reading T. S. Eliot's "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", you almost felt that Prufrock was gay. Indeed, when the story is read more deeply, you can conclude that he is gay. We noticed that prufrock is the first flag of homosexuality We have never heard of his so-called lover's name, even though he called her a woman. Therefore, we can conclude that women are actually people. If you read this story with another sentence, it will invite a lot of unpublished circumstances in the story this time.

Discuss the treatment of Eliot's Prelude contemporary city theme. If you like, J. You can also refer to Alfred Prufrock's love song. In "Prelude" and "Love Song of J · Alfred · Prourok Rock" modern cities are one of themes. Eliot 's interest in modern cities may come from that he was an American. Elliott was also influenced by the French poet Charles Bourderer. He explored the poetic potential of "a more dirty aspect of the modern big city." I think this is what Elliott was overture. I think that he is exploring the possibilities of poetry

In this poem about his love song, T. S · Elliot reveals reflections and emotions of J · Alfred Pulfock. Eliot did this in such a way that Prufrock could not express himself because his reason was to show the reader that Prufrock was dissatisfied with the entire poem. The reader is watching from the beginning that Elliott is using a brief description at the beginning of the article or an inscription which is a quote. That means a topic. Eliot] - T. S. Poetry "J. Alfred Love Song of Prourok" Elliot depicts a tale of sorrow and disillusionment. While reading this poem, people feel the narrator may have given up hope with anxiety, and he feels that he is just an actor in a boring drama. At the beginning of this poem, Elliot prepared sentences from Dante's "Hell" to prepare a reader whose poem is looking forward to the vision of hell.

Aging with danger, J. Alfred Prufrock regrets the life he arranged for himself. To T. S. Elliot, There is a love song by Alfred Prufrock, this is a funny and frustrating poem saying that this is the same life as the former man. The terrible journey of Prufrock was to accomplish the struggle of his life, and his thinking of getting older and having time did not delay him. - Frey's hit song "How to Save Lives" is the story of a mentor and a friend who is saying, "Save the life of a problematic young man." The story begins with a friend sitting to talk about a mistake in the lives of teenagers and teenagers in their lives. On the second line he says "He walks, sitting is just a conversation" and shows the anger and fear of the conversation, so he is trying to get rid of the problem.