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The Deeper Side of Prufrock from The Love Son of J. Alfred Prufrock

Thomas Stearns Elliott matured in 1917 at the age of Proof Rock's son, J. Alfred Proffrock's son in 6 years, matured at the age of 29. I am years old. As his first poem, "Prufrock" reveals Eliot's original and highly developed style. The amazing jump from the juggling language, its indirect literary reference, and amazing jumps of humor and pessimism are completely new in English literature. (World Book, 236) The life that Prufrock asks for is that he can not survive and the difficult problem he is facing is interesting in every aspect of his human race.

The TS Eliot's poem "J · Alfred · Prourok's Love Song" is a place where developed countries and people live, and the idea of ​​Ruffalo is consistent with the space inside "Alfred · Prourock's Love Song". - There are many misunderstood things in T.S, if all the stories that human beings cherish must trace back to some physical journey. Eliot's "Alfred · Prourok's love song" Eliot's purpose is to derive the meaning of life by explaining the universal meaning of life and to combine the conflict of traditional modernist personal identity with them It is to strive for. The relationship of the community is linked.

T.S. T. S.'s explanation of Eliot's "Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock" in Eliot's "Love Song by Alfred Prufrock" is addressing the problem of narrator dealing with middle-aged issues. Prufrock (narrator) plagues the age as a burden. His love for a particular woman is because he feels that his life is over. His attention to the passage of time is a characteristic of his fear of aging. - Who is Prufrock? The modern trend of excessive reflection prevents people from living a fulfilling and active life. Is Prufrock true? See the poem example to support your comment. The answer is clear and self-excessive and compulsive reflections written in poetry by Prufrock "written by Alfred Prufrock's love song." Eliot]

TS Episode of love by J. Alfred Prufrock in TS Emotional Eliot's poem "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" skillfully conveyed the emotions of various Plufferlocks, he applied "objective correlation" By doing so, I created sorrow for the speaker. It is the official form of a specific emotion ("Hamlet and its problems"). - T. Analysis of Eliot's love song "J. Alfred Prufrock's Love Song" shows the influence of social and economic pressure on the lives of Victorian people. T. S. Among ironic monologues, Elliott shows us that the reality of age and social position makes us confused by his fears. This poem begins with "Infernio" of six lines of Dante. This special section explains that the speaker is in hell and can only convey information to other people in hell.