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Psalm 27

Psalm 27 Psalm 27 is written before "anointed one". It shows when David was made before it was painted throughout Israel. David expresses gratitude for salvation and promotion through the protection of God, and through his psalm shows him his devotion to the Lord. Among them, he asked me to be allowed to live in the house of the Lord on all the days of his life. He expressed God's meaning from the heart (Makrakis, 161).

This is the poetry we sing everyday, the New Year of the Jew, the Psalm 27 in the month before the Ledarverde is not to appease the fear of sin or the forgiveness of God, but for the desperate desire for the relationship with God . . "I am seeking only one thing - every day of my life lives in the house of God ... My heart tells you," Please look for my face " . "Even if God has relationships with us we know that God can accomplish this and we can survive these festivals, Yamim Noraim's judgment only when God acts .

As a Christian, we can overcome fear by knowing God's love for us. The scriptures are filled with safe words and messages. (Genesis 5: 1-2, 15: 1, Psalm 27, Jeremiah 29:11, Rome 5: 8 - 9). In the process of understanding this love, when you rely on God's knowledge about our love to transcend knowledge, death loses that feeling and the living environment will not be so worried. In the fight between Nabel's lifetime and cancer, I was most impressed with the understanding of God's love, the message of salvation, and the fear of death. When he prays for God healing, he still believes and knows God's love for him firmly. As Nabel prove, believers can overcome fear by discovering the essence of God and their absolute faith and trust in God. My beloved apostle John tells us that "Perfect love removes fear." The fear antidote is love