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Prufrock Anti-Hero

For a while, the protagonists of stories, poems, or stories are easily classified as heroes or villains. Heroes are easily identified by the characteristics he has, such as courage, honesty, selflessness, trust, courage, leadership. Rogues also are easy to identify, characterized by malice, fraud, immorality, darkness, hoping to hurt others. However, if this character lacks the natural heroism, it is not a villain.

Alfred Prufrock is an anti-hero because he saw a woman asking questions and he never achieved his goal. This poem focuses on the theme of emotion, doubt, loss of time, and youth. He can not connect with a woman and always doubts himself and his choice. He feared commitment and doubt over and over again. He never fully satisfied his doubts; they just sum up and created more questions. He is always comparing himself with Hamlet. He asked him whether it was there, and discussed his own choice.

Like Proust, Elliot Is your company? Love Song J. Alfred Prufrock? It played a very isolated role. Pulfock is the opposite of the concept of imagination of classic heroes, he actually embodies a rather weak personality. His circumference broke his fragile will and he missed all good things in his life. This also indicates a departure from normal condition. This is because all heroes so far are strong, intelligent, courageous, respectable and experienced. Prufrock is almost an anti hero, but in a way he does not even have a woman. In addition, his fear overwhelmed him. I saw the moment of my big flash / I saw an eternal servant holding me a jackpot and I was glancing / in short, are I afraid? (84-86) Fear of Prufrock arises from the fears associated with this death and the fear that he could not tolerate his heroic possibilities before he died. Ironically, Prufrock noticed that he did the wrong things in his life. (45 to 48)

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